Wine has been a hot topic for millennia; it is entwined with our culture like no other libation. Wine is fun, interesting, desirable, and posh; it’s the one drink for that you have to study to understand fully. The wine universe is immense, whether we talk provenance or grape varieties, wine producers or vintage variations, terroir or technology.

It’s no surprise that wine education is mainstream, especially online. Wine blogs abound, and many of them have been running for decades. Both wine enthusiasts and experts share their wine reviews, experience, and wine knowledge in many formats and styles, from videos to infographics. These are our favorite wine blogs online today, but we’re well aware they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Tell us if we missed your favorite wine blogs in the comments below.

best wine blogs

Wine Blogs for the Trade

Tom Wark’s Fermentation

Tom is a force of nature in the wine trade. This blog traffics in well-researched opinion pieces, the kind of deep thinking that is rare in most industries. Manual pdf If you are looking for thought-provoking articles written by a seasoned researcher, then this is for you. There is a love of both wine and science here, so don’t be surprised to see articles on economics, wine chemistry, and psychology. You will also see an article or two on politics, as it relates to wine.

The site itself could use an update, but the content is strong and Tom is very influential. A few years ago he started “Wark Communications”, but he seems to keep those two worlds separate. Manual pdf One of our favorite wine industry blogs.


This blog continues to expand and grow without becoming overburdened or outdated. In 2004, Alder Yarrow started his personal wine blog. Vinography is now a full-fledged online magazine. Important weekly features include tasting notes and industry news. These are not to be missed if you aim to become a wine professional.

The short-form articles are excellent and can be found in the “Ramblings and Rants” section. There are plenty of worthwhile reads here, and new content is published weekly. One caveat: there is a little too much obsequiousness to Jancis Robinson (Oxford Guide to Wine), but she is the author’s employer after all.

Tim Atkin is A Master in Wine whose blog has turned into a publishing house for some great wine writers. Poetic and occasionally obscure.

The Academic Wino The occasional missive from an academic. The site needs an update, but the content is worthwhile.

Wine Blogs for Newbies

Wine Folly

Wine Folly is the best wine blog for inexperienced wine enthusiasts on the web. When Madeline Puckette married her talents as a graphic designer and certified sommelier, she began publishing the most beautiful graphics, maps, and charts the wine world had ever seen, and above all, they were spot-on accurate.

The blog began selling its maps and charts in print, and the vast material eventually became a New York Times Best-Selling book rewarding Madeleine with a James Beard award. You can browse Wine Folly for hours, learning something new every time. Wine Folly has no competition for delivering wine knowledge in a compelling visual format.


A new blog with a focus on lifestyle articles, including wine recommendations and book reviews. There are a few listicles thrown in for good measure. But what really is surprising is the depth of good information on display here. When they write about Pinot Noir, they clearly know their stuff: they recommend regions as far flung at Tasmania in Australia and Casablanca Valley in Chile, as well as the more classic regions as Burgundy and Willamette Valley. This is the type of information most new wine drinkers need. It explains key concepts without an over-reliance on cool quips and graphics.

Fernando Beteta

Fernando Beteta is one of the most respected wine professionals in the industry. He earned the title of Master Sommelier in 2009 after a long history in hospitality. Reaching the highest honor in the wine world didn’t stop Fernando from continuing studying, and he shares his knowledge in his blog.

Fernando’s blog is not for the faint-hearted; it’s focused on high-level wine expertise and digs deep into complex subjects like soils and blind tasting skills. Seasoned professionals and serious wine students alike will find Fernando’s blog a valuable resource. Do you want to assess your wine knowledge? Fernando shares tests and quizzes regularly, but don’t get frustrated if they’re out of your league. These questions are tough!

The Hall of Old Wine Blogs

Wine blogs come and go over time. Here is a list of some golden oldies that have either sat unloved and un-updated for years. or have recently become mired down by sponsor content.

The Wine Wankers

Two Australians run the Wine Wankers blog with a spirited sense of humor. The blog has half a million followers globally because of its casual, relaxed tone. There are no pretentious takes on wine here: it’s all about personal experiences. Both Conrad and Drew write their separate blog posts, giving the website a refreshing duality that can keep you browsing around for hours. Manual pdf Wine Wankers will review pretty spectacular wines, and it’s not all mainstream. Buying advice and fun stories abound. Manual pdf

Vine Pair

Vine Pair has taken a business approach to blogging. They’re a self-proclaimed “digital media company delivering accessible, entertaining, and inspiring content about drinks and the experiences you have with a glass in hand,” and they do it very well. A dozen contributors create daily content at all levels of expertise, from wine regions to opinion pieces. A set of beautiful wine maps and an extensive list of wine reviews complete the picture. Vine Pair is firmly positioned on all social media channels. Vine Pair sets a standard for serious media platforms, and their expansion to other beverages guarantees that their continuous growth has no limit.

Wine Library

If you’re into wine, you’ve probably browsed wine-related videos on YouTube, where you’re sure to find Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary hosts one of the first video wine blogs on the web, Wine Library TV, founded in 2006. Manual pdf Gary’s explosive personality and energy make his wine tastings and reviews fun to watch. Wine Library’s YouTube channel has over 1000 episodes in which Gary has tasted it all. Manual pdf Want to know what wine pairs well with cereal? Gary’s got your back.

Get Virtual

If you want to go beyond wine blogs, you can check out our list of the best virtual wine classes as well

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Top Wine Blogs for Aspiring Sommeliers
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