The wine trade is no longer concentrated in Napa Valley and New York City. There are vineyards in nearly every state, and wine shops in nearly every city from coast to coast. Wine is a fast-growing sector in the US economy, and that means a growing need for wine-savvy employees and business leaders. Wine schools now stretch across the country in a way they never did before, and are offering a diverse roster of classes and certifications.

This directory covers every notable wine school in the United States offering sommelier certification and wine classes to the public. The growth of wine schools and the wine trade’s reliance on them has grown exponentially over the years. SOMM is the place that each and every school is reviewed and categorized by an independent board of wine professionals. If we are missing a school you think we should have included, you can submit your suggestions at the bottom of this page.

Six Flavors of Wine School

There are six categories of wine schools which you should be familiar with. An Accreditation Body develops testing and standards for certification. An Affiliate Wine School offers programs developed and run by an international corporation. A Consumer Wine School offers fun wine tasting classes without any official certification. A Professional Wine School develops its own curriculum and material. A University or College that offers a wine program. Finally, the top wine schools are the shortlist of the very best schools in the United States.

Accreditation Body ( 6 )
Affiliate Wine School ( 35 )
Consumer Wine School ( 16 )
Professional Wine School ( 12 )
Top Wine Schools ( 6 )
University/College ( 2 )

Top Ranked Wine Schools

There are hundreds of wine schools across America offering sommelier certification. The following are the top-ranked wine schools. Each school is evaluated by a member of the SOMM team before being included in this list. Each school is also rated by SOMM. For a full explanation of this rating, please see  How We Rate Wine Schools. In each listing, we include contact information, address, history of the school, notes about important people, and what type of programs they offer.

Top Wine Schools

International Wine Center

350 7th Ave #1201 New York USA

Accreditation Body, Affiliate Wine School, Top Wine Schools

(212) 239-3055 Call

UNLV Sommelier Academy / United States Wine Educators

501 N Stephanie St Henderson USA

Professional Wine School, Top Wine Schools, University/College

(702) 862-6029 Call

Fine Vintage LTD

1001 Fourth Avenue Plaza Suite 3200 Seattle USA

Affiliate Wine School, Professional Wine School, Top Wine Schools

925 784 1514 Call

Napa Valley Wine Academy

2501 Oak St Napa USA

Affiliate Wine School, Top Wine Schools

855-513-9738 Call

San Francisco Wine School

415 Grand Ave #301 San Francisco USA

Affiliate Wine School, Top Wine Schools

(650) 763-1324 Call

Wine School of Philadelphia

109 S 22nd St Philadelphia USA

Consumer Wine School, Professional Wine School, Top Wine Schools

215-965-1514 Call

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Add or Rate a Wine School

Do you want to contribute to our database of wine schools? Whether you want to review a school or add a school for consideration, you will need to register on SOMM. It’s free and easy.

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