Napa Valley Wine Academy

Napa Valley Wine Academy

2501 Oak St Napa California USA


Napa Valley Wine Academy is America’s Premier Wine School™. It is proud to be an approved program provider of the internationally recognized WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) wine and spirit and Sommelier courses across the US. We offer wine and spirit certification courses and workshops ideal for both the enthusiast and wine and beverage industry professionals alike. Whether you want to learn about wine or spirits, for business or pleasure, our certification classes, workshops, and tastings are perfect for you. Our academy combines the unparalleled knowledge and passion of our instructors with a friendly, approachable style.


In the heart of California’s most famous wine region is the Napa Valley Wine Academy, a well-rounded private education center for wine professionals. It offers courses from various universally recognized wine education institutions like the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET ) and the Society of Wine Educators.

Coursework here is both interactive and practical. They utilize in-class lectures and instructor-led field trips into vineyards and cooperates, as well as one-on-one winemaker talks to prepare their students. All this is geared to develop the candidate’s wine knowledge and tasting skills. They have other locations around the country, including one at the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa, Florida.

Tailored itineraries are just the tip of the iceberg.

Certifications at the Napa Valley Wine Academy

Training as a sommelier is much more complex than merely tasting a couple of wines and learning the basics. The Napa Valley Wine Academy understands that all too well, with vast team experience to reflect that. Their accomplished lecturers deliver well-instructed sessions. Candidates will have Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, seasoned Oenologists, and lecturers engaging them through courses such as the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), French Wine Scholar Study Certification program.

Are you a beginner? Do not let all that intimidate you; all these courses are easy to master in their competent hands. Here’s a brief look at what each specialized course covers. For the Court of Masters and Wines and Spirits Education Trust, kindly click on the links to learn more.

Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)

This is a class of convenience. Students can receive their lectures in class or online. We recommend it for novices or intermediary learners eager for a sound understanding of wine that will be a key factor in career progression and networking.

Advancing a step further, the academy offers the following regional courses on the Old and New Worlds of wine. Each specialized program is designed for students serious about intricates of wine at more than just face value.

French Wine Scholar Study and Certification Program

This course was developed and administrated by Wine Scholar Guild (formerly known as French Wine Society) with the French Ministry of Agriculture’s support. It is current and delves deep into the French wine industry, one of the World’s oldest and most prestigious.

Learn about the critical regions, styles, culinary and traditional influences that make up French winemaking. Students of wine who follow this in-depth curriculum and pass the assessment will earn the French Wine Scholar (FWS) post-nominal.

The American Wine Study Certification Programs

Coming armed with a rudimentary understanding of wine, its fundamentals and terminology will be convenient in this course which focuses solely on American wine. Recommended for professionals (or enthusiasts) working within the region, it delves deep into the American landscape, styles, regions, and official regulations. The information provided is accurate and always up-to-date with this ever-changing region.

IWC Level 2 Italian Wine Professional Online Course

Italian wine is widely viewed as America’s most significant import.

Italian wine is widely viewed as America’s most significant import. Selling Italian wines indeed becomes a whole lot easier. The course covers over 80 grape varieties. Italy is well known for having unique grapes rarely found outside this region.

The Napa Valley Wine Academy offers several other online wine classes, as well. Please see our list of  top virtual wine classes in America.

SOMM Review of the Napa Valley Wine Academy

Napa Valley Wine Academy $700
Napa Valley Wine Academy

Name: Napa Valley Wine Academy

Description: One of the top wine school on the West Coast, Napa Valley Wine Academy offers sommelier certification courses for the wine trade.

Price range: $50-$3000

Payment accepted: Credit Card

Currencies accepted: USD

Address: 2501 Oak St, Napa, CA 94559

Telephone: 855-513-9738


SOMM Review

When Copia when into bankruptcy in 2008, it seemed like wine education was at an end in Napa Valley.  In truth, it was only the beginning. With the rise of the Napa Valley Wine Academy, we have seen a complete rebirth of sommelier education in Northern California.  The instructors are of the highest caliber, and they offer programming from almost all the major sommelier certification vendors—one of the top two independent wine schools in America.

  • Accreditation
  • Sommelier Certification
  • Wine Trade Certification
  • Quality of Instruction


Diverse Accreditations

Located in Napa

Talented Instructors

Dynamic Classes

Brick and Mortar School


Drab Facilities

PowerPoint Presentations

Poor Online Options

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Napa Valley Wine Academy