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Fine Vintage LTD was established in 1995 and is a 100% family-owned company. The head office is located in the beautiful Napa Valley. You can learn all about wine through this school and get your certification, with courses from beginner to expert. They are one of the leading international wine school organizations with 20 schools in the USA and Canada offering WSET certification and their own specialization courses. Fine Vintage also offers luxury wine tours, wine job websites, and consulting to the trade.

The School

This company runs WSET programs in the following cities in the United States: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. Founded by James & Sondra Cluer. It is the largest wine educator in North America with 20 schools and runs luxury tours to classic wine regions. James is a Master in Wine who has been profiled in the Wine Spectator, TIME magazine, USA Today, and CNN. In 2011, Fine Vintage was awarded the International Educator of the Year by the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (London, UK).

Competition with Other WSET Wine Schools

There used to be a tacit agreement to have no more than one WSET affiliate in any region. That way of operating wine school franchises is no more. Under the auspices of WSET America, James Cluer is expanding his school’s footprint into major cities across America. This school is now opening branches in New York City, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and many other major cities.

While there are systemic problems within WSET, there is no question that Fine Vintage LTD is the best WSET affiliate in America by a wide margin. What happens to the older and less professional WSET schools in those cities? They no longer have a monopoly on WSET certification, so there are some serious questions about whether places like the International Wine Center or Capital Wine School can survive with the competition.

Wine Courses

Wine courses are managed by Fine Vintage LTD but hosted in hotels and event spaces. The wine courses feature local wine instructors with WSET credentials. The programs are often well-received, even if James does not personally teach these classes. The school has also created its own series of online wine programs. The courses are completed entirely online, including the exam. Students can begin their studies immediately after enrolling, with up to 90 days to immerse themselves in the material and write the online exam. Wine courses are packed with videos featuring the world’s leading winemakers.

Online Courses

The online courses are geared to consumers who love wine but want to learn more. They’re also suitable for professionals in hospitality or the drinks trade looking to build their resumé. After successful completion of the exam, students earn a Fine Vintage certification. The school has recently started to offer online WSET courses as well.

Wine Certificate
The Fine Vintage Certificate for Online Courses

SOMM Review of Fine Vintage LTD

Name: Fine Vintage LTD

Price range: $395 - $1995

Payment accepted: Credit Card

Currencies accepted: USD

Address: 1001 Fourth Avenue Plaza, Suite 3200, Seattle, WA 98154


SOMM Review of Fine Vintage LTD

This is the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) affiliate that is fast becoming a dominant wine school in America.  It’s becoming so large that it may start displacing older WSET affiliates like the International Wine Center in New York City.  This was bound to happen when WSET started allowing its affiliate schools to compete with each other. An organization that delivers great classes in an organized and systematic way is always going to be the consumer’s first choice. It is ours, too. For a pure WSET experience, there is no better school to attend.  

The only negative mark worth mentioning is that Fine Vintage LTD is primarily a PR agency.  Here is a direct quote from their website: “FINE VINTAGE
PUBLIC RELATIONS AGENCY. We are a boutique Public Relations Agency specializing in the premium wine sector. In Canada, we operate in Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. In the USA we exclusively operate in Miami and Chicago.” 

Their corporate strategy is to promote local wine educators and the WSET brand, which they do a fantastic job of. Our concern is that they are not fully invested in wine education and could leave the marketplace if a more profitable vertical is located. 

  • Accreditation
  • Sommelier Certification
  • Wine Trade Certification
  • Quality of Instruction


Great Instructors

Well Organized

Excellent Website

High-Quality Locations


Limited Customer Support (No Phone)

No Brick and Mortar Facilities

PR Agency in  Disguise

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